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Body Composition Specialist Coach, Paul Creasey, is among Melbourne’s leading personal trainers.

Paul is renowned for his expert knowledge about strength training, biomechanics and exercise execution. He has an extensive understanding of the science of nutrition, the endocrine (hormones) system and the metabolism. Paul prides himself on achieving outstanding results in the shortest time possible, while prioritising client health.

Paul has been mentored by some of the best coaches and fitness professionals in the world, and continues to work tirelessly to develop his craft and expertise as a body composition specialist coach. He is passionate about putting his learning and expertise into practice with his clients, and his ultimate goal is to see his clients accomplish their goals.

Paul is professional, enthusiastic and passionate about helping others. He is personable by nature and loves educating and inspiring his clients for long lasting success. He has worked with a broad range of clients from first time gym goers to pro physique competitors, all with the common goal of optimising their body composition.

Through assessing the individual from the inside out, Paul will devise a plan to achieve the most effective results by optimising health. This individualized attention is underpinned by his qualifications as a Metabolic Analytics (formally BioPrint by Charles Poliquin) and BioSignature practitioner.

Paul has over ten years’ experience preparing for physique competitions and professional photo shoots. He loves the health and fitness lifestyle and believes it is important to practice what you preach as a coach. Through his personal journey to achieving his own body composition goals he has spent countless hours in the gym. He has also tried every approach to nutrition you can imagine, some proving more effective than others, but ultimately each providing a learning experience.

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Ongoing Education

  • Eugene Teo: Muscle Mechanic Workshop Level 1 – February 2017
  • Eugene Teo: Biomechanics Course: Delts – February 2017
  • Dan Garner: Understand Nutrition Coruse – January 2017
  • Luke Leanman: Muscle Nerds Internship Level 1&2 – November 2014
  • Eugene Teo: Internship Level 1 – September 2016
  • Derek Woodske: Performance Coaching Course – September 2016
  • Eugene Teo: Biomechanics Course: Posterior Chain – September 2016
  • Eugene Teo: Biomechanics Course: Lats – August 2016
  • Clean Health: Performance Coach Level 1 & 2 – March 2016
  • Luke Leaman: Muscle Nerds Fat Loss Level 1 – March 2016
  • Stefan Ianev: Training Consult
  • Sebastian Oreb: Training Consult – Jan 2016
  • Signature Strength & Health Body Transformation Seminar – August 2015
  • Charles Walker: Biochemistry Consult – June 2015
  • Clean Health: Level 1 & 2 Trainer Internship – June 2015
  • Clean Health: Advanced Nutrition Program Design – June 2015
  • Luke McNally: Advanced Fat Loss Protocols – March 2015


  • Charles Poliquin: Super Gym Seminar – March 2015
  • Poliquin Group: PICP Strength Coach – March 2015
  • Poliquin Group: BioSginature – March 2015
  • Clean Health: Level 1 Trainer Internship 2014
  • Charles Poliquin: BioPrint Course – October 2014
  • Luke McNally & Chris Dufey: Advanced Physique Strategies 2014
  • Enterprise Fitness: How to Train the Female Physique and Fitness Competitor – August 2014
  • Charles Poliquin: BioPrint Course – April 2014
  • Mass Nutrition Seminar – March 2014
  • Chris Cornier: Training Sessions – March 2014
  • Charles Poliquin: Optimizing Exercise Performance – March 2014
  • Charles Poliquin: Modern Trends in Achieving Optimal Body Composition – March 2014
  • Layne Norton: Seminar – April 2013
  • Charles Glass: Training Sessions – September 2010
  • Charles Glass: Training Sessions – October 2009