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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by Paul


Programming & Periodisation for Fat Loss with Stephane Cazeault

Stephane Cazeault Podcast Episode 24This week coach Paul is joined by one of the very best in the business: Stephane Cazeault of KILO Strength Society!

Stephane is regarded as one of the greatest in the world at program design and periodization. In this episode we discuss Stephane’s unique approach to training for fat loss.

Stephane shares how he prepares clients for training fat loss, his favourite periodization model, the balance of weight training to cardio and the ideal length of a fat loss phase.

We also chat about a bunch of finer details relating to fat loss programming and Stephane ties it all together with his overall keys to achieving fat loss through training.

Stephane is very popular amongst the coaching community around the world. His recent book 66 Strategies to Program Design is a gold mine of knowledge and information for coaches. Listen to this episode to hear Stephane share his story of how he has become so successful at his craft!

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