bioDefined Specialised Personal Training


Coach Paul is a certified BioSignature practitioner.

Founded by the world’s most successful strength coach Charles Poliquin, BioSignature is a body composition program based on a 12 site skin fold assessment to determine body fat percentages and individual hormonal profiles which effect body composition and health.

These skin fold measurements are recorded in the BioSignature software, where fat distribution across the body is analysed. Through this analysis, hormonal imbalances and disruptions to systems in the body can be identified. BioSignature Modulation can provide insight on thyroid function, insulin management, stress hormones and sex hormone balance. The information received from the BioSignature assessment can also inform us as to the function of detoxification, sleep quality, digestion and inflammation in the body.

The BioSignature system assists us to address these imbalances and disrupted areas in the body through training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle alterations. By addressing these imbalances and disruptions, you will be able to achieve your body composition goals more easily.

By linking the data of an individual BioSignature with our in-depth client assessment, this information can be collated to determine a more efficient plan for better results in achieving optimal body composition. The aim is to enhance body composition, while improving mood, energy, sleep and stress management to help you not only look better, but feel and function better too!

To book a BioSignature Assessment please click here to contact Coach Paul.

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