bioDefined Specialised Personal Training


Do you have any in-depth questions on a specific topic? Or perhaps you’re after some clarification on a variety of topics in regards to your training, nutrition, supplements or lifestyle considerations?

Would you like Coach Paul to look over your current training and nutrition plan and give you feedback to help you make adjustments for optimal results?

Leading body composition coach Paul Creasey can meet with you face to face for Melbourne residents or via an online Skype call. It’s your chance to have one on one time with Paul to answer your questions.

Coach Paul has a huge passion for sharing his expert level of knowledge and understanding on all topics related to body composition and helping others achieve optimal body composition. Having been mentored by the best coaches in the world, Coach Paul sees one off consults as an excellent way to empower others by providing them with the information they need to get the results they’re after.

Your consult may be used as a brain picking session, to bounce ideas or for education on particular topics… it’s your choice!

To book a consult please click here to contact Coach Paul.

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