bioDefined Specialised Personal Training

Personal Training

Coach Paul Creasey delivers a first class 12 week body composition coaching package at one of the worlds most recognizable gyms, Doherty’s Gym, Brunswick.

Delivering results for each client is the number one priority. A highly personalized plan is developed from initial detailed assessments and a 60 minute consult to ensure each client reaches their goals of getting into the shape of their life!

You receive an expert level of service. Through his mentoring from the best coaches in the world and his commitment to study and research in the field of exercise and nutrition, Paul is able to create a comprehensive individualised plan. It will be backed by the most scientifically sound training programs, nutrition advice, lifestyle considerations and assessment tools available.

The package includes one on one 60 minute personal training sessions that provide a premium level of individualised coaching. You will learn correct exercise execution and technique, with training tailored to appropriate levels of intensity. Clients learn to build their proprioceptive acuity (mind muscle connection) through an improved understanding of biomechanics. Also being a Poliquin Group PICP Level 2 Coach, Coach Paul is able to provide ongoing structural balance assessments to assist in keeping the body balanced, healthy and strong.

BioSignature Modulation assessments are available to track body composition progress. Additionally, they measure hormonal imbalances to provide useful data for making changes to training, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle (read more here).

To find our more about the bioDefined Personal Training Package please click here to send Coach Paul a message.

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