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Published on July 19th, 2017 | by Paul


The Sleep Show

Coach Curl and Coach Paul share an in-depth discussion about one of the most underrated yet profoundly important areas of our health, performance and body composition; sleep!

We talk about:
– What sleep actually is
– The different stages of sleep
– Why sleep is so important
– The effects of poor sleep
– What constitutes good quality sleep
– What happens to your brain and body while you are sleeping
– The importance of your “before bed” routine
– The perfect sleep environment

We also chat about a bunch of cool things like how long it should take to fall asleep, napping, blue light exposure, electromagnetic fields and some great resources to track and improve sleep!

Jessica Curl is a strength coach, functional diagnostic nutritionist and self professed health nerd. She has a deep passion for helping others with their health and fitness goals and believes we all deserve to feel amazing!

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